Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot Cocoa Kisses

I think this was my favorite part of the kit. This adorable mug with the delicious hot chocolate (yup, the cocoa is gone)! The cocoa came from Melony at Untie the Ribbons.

These are coasters that I believe were made by Petite Threla and an adorable gift tag made by Jame of A Forest Frolic.

The adorable hot cocoa stitch marker was made by Dee of Fyrestorm Creations. You can even see the marshmallows on top!!! So freaking cute!

The yarn was dyed by Curious Creek Fibers. Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. It's a dream to work with and has great stitch definition! The color is also to "dye" for...I know...that's terrible... I think what I love even more was that she included sample skeins of some of her other yarn! Wasonga and Meru. Yum!

The bag is adorable. It was designed by Knit Purl Sew What?

Last but not least are the patterns! The first one was designed by Jane Robbins. It's called Hot Chocolate Mittens, and they are beautiful! The pattern on the right is my Marshmallow Kisses pattern. I tried to capture a cup of hot cocoa in this pattern. At the top of the leg, I put x's for the kisses and then the zigzagging cables were supposed to represent whip cream and the bobbles are marshmallows, of course!

A bit about me...

So, I figured I should post on here, since Jennifer Jett of Woolgirl listed my blog in the information section of her newest kit, Hot Cocoa Kisses. I don't know about you, but I'd be disappointed to visit a blog and see that it hasn't been updated in nearly a year. D'oh!

So, since it's been so long, I figured that maybe I should write a little about myself. I'll post pictures of the new kit later on.

I live in Illinois, in the West Suburbs. I'm married and my children are two small chihuahuas that are definitely Mama's girls. If I'm around, my husband is chopped liver...well, maybe not chopped liver. They'd probably like that. :)

I actually work full-time (more than full-time actually) as a restaurant manager of a small privately owned restaurant in the western suburbs of Chicago. I am attending school as well, and just recently received my acceptance letter to nursing school!!! I'm very excited about this. I cannot wait to be doing something other than food service!

I came to be designing for Jen purely by accident. I had a pattern that I had written and I sent her an email asking if she would be willing to offer it for sale in her online store. I figured that with Woolgirl being so popular, asking her would be a great place to start. When I heard back from her, she said that she would be delighted to sell it in her store, but that she'd rather use the pattern as a part of one of her kits (the very first Glinda kit). I was stunned. I in no way expected that and was shocked that she liked it enough to want to include it in one of her famous kits, and Glinda no less! Well, I accepted, and the rest is history. It has been a pleasure to get to know Jen over these last few years, and I hope that our friendship will continue for years to come! She is truly one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people that I know.

Later on, once I have a chance to sit down with my camera, I'll take pictures of the amazing Hot Cocoa Kisses kit that she put together. I have to do it soon, because that hot cocoa that came with the kit is about to disappear before I can get a picture of it!