Monday, March 23, 2009

Woolgirls Easter Kit 2009

Okay, it's official.  I'm a Woolgirl kit junkie.  Here is the latest kit!  A Vintage Easter kit that I just got it the mail today!


Here is the whole she-bang opened up.  Pretty, isn't it?

A cute little handmade Easter Bunny stitch-marker.

Handpainted notecards.  Aren't they cute!  I'm torn between keeping them for myself, or giving them away to another knitter that will appreciate them as much as I do!

The inside of the Vintage Easter box and a bag of Jelly Beans!

Some yummy Sock yarn from Madelinetosh in the color Clover.  Not my usual color but I really like it!

A notepad to keep track of all things yarny :)

A cute little origami bunny made by Jen at woolgirl.

A handmade pouch in some Vintage Easter fabric.

I still have yet to post all the awesome photos from my first sock club shipment!  There is just so much in Jen's kits!  What a wonderful surprise to come home to, today!

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Wendy said...

The color of that yarn is fantastic! What a wonderful kit:)